Preparing for Seasonal Allergies with the Children’s Claritin Mom Crew

Sponsored: I’m in the Children’s Claritin Mom Crew. I was sent a Spring in Your Step Meet-Up Kit as compensation for writing this post.

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Sniffles. Sneezing. Coughing. Tissues. Aachoo! Bless You! Cover your mouth when you sneeze.

If I have said one of these words or phrases this spring, I have said them hundreds of times. The Musings from Me family is a sniffling, sneezing, watering eyes mess each spring. We stock up on tissues. Use a combination of over-the-counter and prescription medications. We get lots of rest. But, we are a mess each spring. How about you and your family?

Somehow I don’t ever remember having allergies when I was growing up in England. I had colds and coughs aplenty, but no allergies. Perhaps the transition from winter to spring and then spring to summer is not as harsh as in this country. Maybe I had a cold due to the cold, damp climate. Who knows? But allergies to pollen and grasses? Nope, didn’t have those as child.

My children, husband, and I all suffer from springtime allergies to varying degrees. Our current regimen involves getting a good night’s sleep, eating a healthy diet, an OT medication–Claritin, and a prescription medication. While we are still a quite sneezy and sniffly, our symptoms are alleviated somewhat.

This spring I was chosen to be part of the Children’s Claritin Mom Crew. One of my tasks was to talk to other parents about allergies. I hosted a Spring in Your Step Mom Meet-Up at my local pool. Many of us — moms and dads — included were ready for the school year to end. Allergies on top of a slew of end-of-the-school year events is no fun at all. Summer could not get here quick enough!

At a recent swim team pep rally, I gathered with friends to talk about allergies. I told them about Children’s Claritin. This 24-hour, non-drowsy allergy medication is the #1 pediatrician recommended. We shared about preparing for the seasons ahead…not only allergy ridden spring, but summer, fall, and winter. I was even able to give away a couple of ice pack face masks. A cool way to soothe tired, watery, itchy eyes.

May and EricaChildren’s Claritin provided me with a 2013 Preparedness Checklist & Tips form which I shared with those at my Spring in Your Step Mom Meet-Up. Here are some tips and resources to keep you prepared in 2013.

Automobile Safety: Regular maintenance of your car is important for efficiency and safety. Visit, to learn more about car maintenance such as oil changes, tire pressure and a lot more.

CPR: Visit the American Heart Association at for in person or online classes.

Family Doctor Visits: Be sure to schedule family doctor visits, as well as well-woman visits. Some areas to focus on would be: immunizations, blood pressure, cholesterol and eye exams.

Flu Season: Visit to learn more about protecting you and your family during flu season.

Home Safety: Fire extinguishers, fire alarms carbon monoxide detectors

Medicine Safety: Dispose of expired medicines in a responsible manner. Visit for tips.

Natural Disasters: For natural disaster preparedness visit: and

Sports Safety: Educating yourself on sports safety will help you and your family make sound decisions when it comes to sports activities. Information can be provided by visiting online websites or speaking with sport organizers in your area.

Spring Cleaning & Allergy Removal: Visit the Kids & Allergies section of the Claritin site to review some best practices.

Yard Safety: Be sure to trim trees and remove debris. During serious storms these items are dangerous if they become airborne. After rainstorms, clear free standing water to avoid mosquitoes. Also, consider removing trees/plants that may trigger allergies.

For more information on Claritin…

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