Soaking Up the Fun in Belmar, NJ, Even If It Is Wet AND a Twitter Party 6/19 9-10 pm EST #JerseyLove #D6SurfSkimmer #HangTenOriginal

Sponsored: I was given hotel accommodations, ground transportation, and meals from Caesar’s, Harrah’s, DJais, and D6 Surf Skimmer as compensation for writing about my trip to the Jersey Shore. I paid for my own conference ticket and travel expenses to the event.

#JerseyLove D6 SurfSkimmer PartyI have SO much to tell you about my trip to Atlantic City, I am bursting…bursting with information, fun stuff, you name it…but before I tell you all about it I MUST tell you about tonight’s Twitter party. Come join me at the #JerseyLove #D6SurfSkimmer #HangTenOriginal Twitter Party! There’s a giveaway too!!! Enter on the Rafflecopter form below! FIVE Lucky Winners will win D6 SurfSkimmers!

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Back to my trip to Atlantic City…

I grew up with my Grandma using expressions like “When it rains it pours” or “It’s a little dark over our Nellie’s house” or “If there is anything better than one it is two” or “Why don’t we cut out the middle man and throw everything on the ground.” My Grandma and my mother, for that matter, always had a phrase to go with a situation…whatever the situation. If my children are ever in a tight spot when everything seems to be going wrong, I hope they will remember one of my catchphrases: Let’s Make the Best Of It!

I believe in the sentiment behind this catchphrase so much that I just wrote a blog post about it. I believe that there are times when you are allowed to wallow and feel sorry for yourself, but for the most part you need to get over it and make the best of it! I hope my children always remember this.

Two weeks ago my family and I spent the weekend in Atlantic City as part of the #JerseyLove Social Moms for Social Good trip. The Social Media Moms and New Jersey Digital Moms gathered on the Jersey Shore to celebrate all that is going well for New Jersey as it recovers from Super Storm Sandy. As you know the Jersey Shore was hit by Super Storm Sandy harder than any other area. Many families are still not back in their homes.

On the second day of our trip, #JerseyLove moms and our families caravanned to Belmar, NJ, for Beach Day. What was supposed to be a day for catching rays and riding waves, started and ended wet, stormy, and gloomy. Kind of fitting really that a group expressing its’ love for the Jersey Shore in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy should visit Belmar during a tropical storm!

While in Belmar we all had the attitude of “Let’s Make the Best of It!” After a tasty lunch at DJais on the Belmar Boardwalk our group of Social Media Moms and New Jersey Digital Moms with a generous donation from one of our hosts, D6 Surf Skimmer presented a $5K check to @BelmarMayorMatt to help families displaced by Super Storm Sandy.

surfskimmer_001 (143 of 51)

Social Media Moms and New Jersey Digital Moms catch some waves!

After the check presentation it was off to surf during a break in the stormy weather. About 10 ladies headed to the beach for some surfing by the talented surf instructors from Eastern Lines Surf Shop in Belmar. Watching those ladies take to the waves was awesome. Some were experienced surfers, but the majority were newbies. The surf was a bit rough, but those ladies weren’t about to give up. A couple glided in like pro surfers! What a great day in Belmar where we made the best of it! While the ladies were surfing and the other ladies were watching, the kids couldn’t resist getting in the waves. My son was one of the kids who tried out the new D6 Surf Skimmer board. I’ll post more about his experience but suffice it to say he LOVED it!

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