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BlogHer was my life for months. And no I’m not kidding. For months I read, searched for, and ogled the BlogHer hashtag. I devoured the BlogHer newsletters. I wanted to know EVERYTHING about BlogHer.

To a less intense extent I did the same thing last BlogHer. This year was different. This year I knew what to look for. I followed tweets no matter how vague or oblique. I sought out information. I contacted people in the know. I made it my business to get the scoop. I never posted confidential information as that would be unethical.

I knew that people who attend BlogHer want to know about the parties and events, but can’t always follow the hashtag 24/7. Even I couldn’t monitor #BlogHer or #BlogHer11 all the time, so I missed party invites. But, I always posted the party information, in case there was a waitlist or something. For instance, I posted about the Clever Girls party after all the tickets were gone. I stayed on the waitlist hoping to get an invite, but alas the waitlist never opened up. Oh well, you can’t get ’em all, right?

But enough about the parties and events I didn’t get in to. How about the events I did go to?

Are you going to BlogHer 12? If you are or are thinking about going, you’ll want to check out the Mom Spark BlogHer 12 Forum. Comprehensive source for planning your BlogHer, finding out about parties and events, learning about brands, and meeting people BEFORE BlogHer 12. Oh, and did I mention it is free to join? So? What are you waiting for? Sign up here!

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