Menu Planning: Recovery from Wisdom Teeth Surgery

She’ll need to have all four wisdom teeth out. Here’s a referral to an oral surgeon.

I’ll admit that this information caught me off guard. My Teen had been brace-free for about two years. When she got out of the orthodontist’s chair, my Tween got in ti. My Teen has always been a diligent tooth brusher. I never had my wisdom teeth taken out, although my husband did. So, I was lulled in to a false sense of security…dental security.

Sadly no cheeesteaks allowed after wisdom teeth surgery

Faced with this statement from the pediatric dentist I got cracking scheduling an appointment with the oral surgeon. With the appointment booked, it was just a matter of waiting a month or so. My Teen is not one for dwelling on issues either before or after the event. So I kept it light. Didn’t talk much about the surgery. Let her take the lead.

True to form she was quiet in the weeks leading up to the surgery. She didn’t ask many questions. She knew what she needed to do as far as recovery went.She did have one request…food.

On the morning of her surgery while Dad took her for the procedure I took the younger two to the grocery store. Armed with a list we set about getting everything my teen requested. She’d read up on what foods she could and could not eat.

Day #1/Surgery Day

  • Antibiotic — Amoxycillin. Take 3 times a day. Take with soft food.
  • Pain medication — Hydrocodone. Take 3 times a day.
  • Liquids, soft foods, and no dairy.
  • Jello was her go-to food.
  • She requested Cherry, Black Cherry, and Watermelon.
  • The Kid picked out a Jello that you could make with juice and one you could make with soda for later in the week.
  • Apple sauce
  • Soup — Tomato

Day #2 and On

  • Salt water rinse — Do 3 times a day. Water and teaspoon of salt.
  • Pudding — vanilla, chocolate
  • Soup — split pea and ham, cream of broccoli, tomato bisque
  • Yogurt — Yoplait harvest peach and French vanilla
  • Potatoes — Baked potatoes with sour cream for topping. Mashed potatoes.
  • Pasta — Angel hair, farfalle, fettucine, penne
  • Tomato sauce with cream added to create a blush sauce.

And there you have it. The kid who asks for very little, knows what she wants and is able to describe what she wants in great detail. Our shopping trip was speedy with 3 of us shopping.

Oh, and I almost forgot the most important item on her list: ICE CREAM! We bought three tubs of Ben & Jerry’s for all of us to share since we had a stockpile of ice cream in the garage freezer. Phish Food was deemed to be the winner.

What did your child request after wisdom teeth or other surgery?

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