White Coat Ceremony

Contributed by Milford Woods

My brother is going to medical school this fall. The first step is to do something called the White Coat Ceremony. It is like their induction into medical school. They get their named called, walk across a stage, take the Hippocratic Oath, and get a white coat place on them to symbolize their education and career in medicine. The ceremony is similar to graduation, in that it is a big, mementos event, for family members to attend. Unfortunately, for multiple reasons, we can’t go witness it in person. I wish we could, but we really just can’t make it. My brother gave me a link, though, to go to during the ceremony, and he says we will be able to watch the ceremony live. I’ve got cranston clear, so I’m counting on it working well. It is so great that they have this online viewing option set up for the family members and friends that want to watch the ceremony, but aren’t able to make it there in person. I will, however, be at his graduation for sure.

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