An All About Me for a 40-Something Mom

Anyone with an elementary school-aged child will know about the All About Me project. Our school does this project in Kindergarten and again in 1st grade. The project is a poster with photos of the child, stickers, pictures of favorite foods, and the child’s name.

Here is my mommy blogger All About Me:

Five Names You Go By:
1. Mommy
2. ?? — not revealing my real name
3. Mom on the Run — my bloggie alias
4. MusingsfromMe — my twitter name
5. Crafty Daughter, Sporty Daughter, and Adventure Boy’s Mom

Three Things You’re Wearing Right Now:
1. Checkered Pajama Pants
2. Blue paisley shirt…yes, the same shirt that the 80-year-old woman in Kohl’s also bought.
3. Brown socks with dots

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:
1. To write and get paid for it
2. A cleaning, laundry, and cooking service

Two Things You Ate Today:
1. Taco salad with chicken
2. Part of a stale, sprinkled donut

Two People You Last Talked To On The Phone:
1. Receptionist at hotel near Penn State
2. Receptionist at dentist

Two Things You Are Going To Do Tomorrow:
1. Schedule to have broken tooth fixed at dentist
2. Put away Christmas Village and Charlie Brown’s Christmas set and rearrange storage room so that I can close the door

Two Longest Car Rides:
1. Baltimore, MD, to Niagara Falls
2. Baltimore, MD, to Williamsburg, VA

Two of Your Favourite Beverages:
1. Coffee
2. Diet Coke

Two Phrases You Said Today To Your Kid That You Wish You Could Take Back
1. Stop putting your elbow on the table and shovelling food in to your mouth.
2. Don’t ask for more bread until you have eaten fill-in-the-blank.

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