MeTime and Post over at OurBlubHerOverhaul

My love for my new MeTime t-shirt and reading a friend’s post about jeans inspired me to write this post over at

BTW, have you heard about MeTime

MeTime is a wonderful mom-owned business that produces adorable t-shirts for moms. I won a MeTime t-shirt in yellow with a cute design of a mom-type drinking coffee and reading. Hey, just like me!

The t-shirts are available in a variety of seasonal or mom-type designs in crew neck, v-neck, three-quarter sleeve, long sleeve, and tank top styles. Each MeTime design comes in a corresponding color.

The best thing about MeTime is the sizing. Most shirts come in XXL. How often does this happen? As a wearer of XXL I can tell you that most t-shirts in XXL are either (a) ugly or (b) mannish looking. MeTime shirts are cool for mom!

I will proudly wear my MeTime shirt at my next Book Club meeting!

Want a MeTime short of your very own? Click on the MeTime link on the sidebar or thislink

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