General Hospital and the Baby

First of all, I must admit my vice…I watch General Hospital. We Tivo it every day. Yes, I said “we.” My husband started watching as a young teen when his grandmother was ill. He would sit with her and keep her company.

I watched one episode of General Hospital while I was in college visiting a childhood friend in New Jersey in 1983. I did not get it. The story was convoluted. There were so many characters. I did not watch again until we got married in 1990. We had a small townhouse. Our diningroom and livingroom were connected. We would sit at the dinner table and watch the episode on videotape…yes, I am that old! I still did not really get it. I mean why is it called general HOSPITAL when so many of the scenes are anywhere, but the hospital. Also, why are so few of the characters medical staff.

But, after some time I was hooked. I came to look forward to watching the show. I have very little recollection of actual storylines — probably because I was not really paying attention. Now my husband has complete recall of whole storylines.

We still watch today. Although not today or any other episode in this February sweeps week. My gripe…there is a storyline with Robin, the doctor who is HIV-positive, recently married to Patrick, another doctor. They have a baby. The baby is colicky. Who knows. But most of the baby’s scenes involve the baby crying and Robin ignoring the baby. She has postpartum depression. I literally cannot watch this show with the baby crying. I was lucky with my three children as they cried when wet, hungry, or tired. It was a rare day when I could not get the baby to settle down. Here’s my worry with this storyline…that Robin will do something to the baby…smother it, hurt it. I can’t watch. I hate all news stories of child abuse. Cannot watch this story at all. Don’t. Want. To. See What. Will Happen.

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