A Post I Could Not Write

A few months ago I received a pitch from a company. The company asked me to write a post on a Home & Family topic. Sounded acceptable to me. There was a payment involved. Again this was acceptable to me.

I was excited to tackle the post. Wrote a few intro sentences.Did a little research on the company website for specifics. Stopped to read the fine print and WHAM!

No disclosure. What?? That’s right I was required to NOT disclose that I wrote a paid post. Now I don’t know about you, but I was offended by this. I contacted the my resource person. She confirmed that the company required bloggers not disclose that they had been paid. She said it was my decision. I usually have a hard time making a decision. Not this tiime. I replied with a resounding “No!”

Easiest decision I ever made.

Blog URL: www.musingsfromme.com Review this URL _____________________________________Category: Home & Family

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Content must be original and positive! Please include one of the KEYWORD phrases (above) as part of the PAGE TITLE. PR 3 or higher please. Thank you!

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