Easy Mac Was an Easy Choice

My teen is not a fan of any lunch I  pack for her. She’s not overly keen on the school lunch. What to do with this kid?

Make a deal? I’m not a fan of making deals with kids. I find it necessary at times to ensure compliance for homework or chores, but prefer not to negotiate. But, I worry about my teen. She is becoming a picky eater. Perspective: She was never a good eater to begin with. She hated all baby foods. Insisted on  feeding herself from age 6 months on. I had to make the oatmeal stiff enough for her to eat it in chunks….ewww.

At just 5 feet tall and not even 90 pounds she is skinny. She’s the kid who never said “I’m hungry” until she was 10. She never snacks. Doesn’t eat chips or candy. Who is this child anyway?? She does however love making herself something to eat. I remember how excited she was to use the microwave. So, I made a deal with my teen: She will eat the lunch I make for her while I will buy her microwave meals for after school. Win for both of us.

Easy MacKraft Easy Mac Cups are the perfect after school snack for my teen.  Afterschool she races in to the house….drops her backpack in her room…rattles her lunch bag at me….microwaves a Kraft Easy Mac Cup….awwww silence from the teen for a moment.

I was sent a couple of Kraft Easy Mac Cups from SheKnows.com. I didn’t get to eat any of them….harruumph!

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