Cleaning Pet Peeve

Can you have a cleaning pet peeve, but not be a clean freak? If yes, then I do. When I hired a cleaning service I was disappointed with the level of cleaning. The cleaners did not vacuum under the diningroom table or dust the bookcases. Cleanly…uh clearly I would rather have a messy house than pay someone to clean who will do a half-baked job.

Now that I am back to cleaning or not cleaning my own house… My pet peeve is spray bottles that clog or get clumpy. There is nothing worse than pushing down on the spray bottle trigger to be greeted with…nothing. No spray. No mist. Sometimes I can unclog the spray hose, but often there is no fix. And really if I buy a bottle of cleaning product in a spray bottle, shouldn’t the bottle actually work? Is it too much to ask that the bottle spray on demand?

Soft Scrub CaptainNow, you need to know that I am a person who does not put cleaning on the top of her list. No, it would be after family, work, laundry, dinner prep, and driving kids to hither, thither and yon. I put cleaning on the back burner. I leave cleaning the back burner of the stove to the last minute as well. Bada boom!

However, I am a gadget or new-fangled item sort of person. New things = love. New cleaning products = cleaning might be easier. Cleaning made easier = more timeĀ  to do what I want to do. I was sent a bottle of Soft Scrub to test out as part of my role as Soft Scrub Captain.

First stop on “Putting Soft Scrub Through Its Paces”: The kid’s bathroom.

  • Toothpaste on the sink was no match for Soft Scrub.
  • Shampoo, soap, and bubble bath residue had no chance when confronted by the spray end of the Soft Scrub sprayer.
  • Unmentionable and unidentifiable stains around the base of the toilet were obliterated by the powerful Soft Scrub spray.

End result: Soft Scrub can tackle my bathroom messes any time. Oh I know I will have to be the facilitator of the cleaning process. But, with Soft Scrub I will have an easy time of it.

I was given a bottle of Soft Scrub as part of my role as Soft Scrub Captain.

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