A Movie Starring Me?!?!

Ever ponder the question: If a movie was made about my life, who would play me? I have pondered it, but never get to the part where I decide who will play me. I’m too honest and modest to choose a super model or A-list actress. I would be more inclined to pick a character actress…the dowdier the better.

I’d probably go with Brenda Blethyn for my quirkiness (remember Secrets and Lies?) and Rosie O’Donnell for my humor (although she can be so in your face, can’t she?) and Emma Thompson for my Englishness (loved her in Peter’s Friends).

But, is my life interesting enough for a movie? A full-length film? A short subject? A movie trailer? A commercial? A sound bite? A PSA? I’m sure there are a few nuggets worth exploring, aren’t there?? Let’s see…

  • Nomadic childhood.
  • Choosing a college in America without visiting the campus, speaking to an administrator, and of course, this was pre-internet so I based all my decision on the college catalog.
  • Raising kids in America, but trying to keep the Union Jack flying.
  • Being a mom. Now this one has lots of possibilities…

Where to begin? I’m a bit far removed from the baby days. Elementary schoolers are funny…some movie fodder there. But, for comedy or tragedy gold…the tween and teens rule. Ahhh, the things I could write about my teen and tween.

101_2692These two are bookends. 2 years 8 months  apart. 2 grades separate them. For this year both are in the same school.  One can’t live without the other. The other is an independent sort who lets her sister join her sometimes, but NOT always.

As both are girls I get to experience the issues with one and then “Hey, presto!” I get to do it all over again. Many days I would like a “do over” from these two.

  • the messy rooms.
  • the inability to remember to bring home, do, and hand in homework.
  • the inability to GO TO BED.
  • the need to read after lights out.
  • the “but, I forgot to turn my light off” so I continued reading.
  • the resulting grumpiness before school.
  • the grimace when opening the already packed lunchbox.
  • the laughs and giggles when on the phone with friends.
  • the monosyllabic answers when at the dinner table.
  • the “do I have to [insert chore/task/household activity/family event]”
  • the unexpected cheerfulness.
  • the playing with younger sibling without being asked.
  • the teen and tween facial expression to denote everything from happiness to anger all without saying a word.

Movie fodder indeed!

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