I Shouldn’t Complain…

…but when has that ever stopped me before.

I’m tired but I slept more last night than in weeks.

I love my job but I am overwhelmed by it.

I have 3 kids and want all 3 to do well at school at the same time.

I have 3 kids who are doing well at school just not always as consistently as I would like.

I struggle to help two kids with math. After last night’s #gno #pbskids chat on twitter, I will admit to being an “I find math hard” person. I want to change that. Need to figure out how. I never say “I find math hard” outloud to my kids, but the kids can read the apprehension on my face when I sit down to help them with math.

This is what I would like to be doing right now!

This is what I would like to be doing right now!

I posted a comment that was heartfelt about my struggles with one of my kids. Copied it. Intended to paste it as a blog post. I messed up the cut and paste. I am relieved and sad. I wanted to post it but shouldn’t. Always a struggle when I blog about my older girls. Really, I could write an entire post on what I don’t blog about.

Running out of steam…so much more I could complain about, but won’t. Until the next complaint session, farewell.

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