A Little Me Time and Discovering New Toys for the Holidays #MomMixer

I hate to come right out and say that I have no time for myself. But really it is true. I have no time for myself. Every moment of the day I am answerable to someone else. In the mornings it is the kids. In the late afternoons it is the kids and my husband. During my work time and the kids’ school time I can be called away from work for a sick child or a broken washing machine or pretty much any other distraction you can name.


Pictures from Mom Mixer Holiday Showcase with Hasbro: Host ClassyMommy and WhitneyMWS at the Hyatt Bellevue Philadelphia November 3, 2012. Pictures Taken By Sherry Aikens @babypop on twitter blog superexhausted.com #mommixer #philly #classymommy #whitneyMWS

So, a couple of Saturdays ago I roadtripped to Philadelphia. So nice to get away. So fun to ride with a couple of blogging friends…@AllThingsFadra and @Carabee. So relaxing to not have to do my usual at-home tasks, but instead spend time on me. The purpose of our trip was the annual Mom Mixer in Philadelphia hosted by two very lovely ladies @WhitneyMWS and @ClassyMommy. Thanks Whitney and Colleen for a great event!

I neglect “me” for the most part. My focus is on the kids and their needs. My husband and what he needs. And work, of course I always focus on work. My road trip was mostly work, but friendship and a touch of revelry were thrown in to the mix.

When not having fun chatting to bloggers, I was getting to know what is new for the holiday season. Just Play’s Doc McStuffins and Bounce Bounce Tigger…American Girl’s Caroline…K’Nex roller coasters, MarioKart, and TinkerToys…Little Passports…and Star Wars Angry Birds. My kids were excited by the goodie bags I brought home for them!

I was not compensated to attend the event. I paid for my own travel to and from the event. The views expressed in this post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.

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