Meeting Friends on Connecting Flights Is an Unexpected Treat #connectingflights

My son and I traveled to Florida and met up with blogging friends

My husband shakes his head whenever I run in to someone I know. I can’t help it. I have a good memory for faces. A very good memory. If I meet you, I will likely remember you when we next meet. Once I’ve talked to you I always remember you. I may not always have total recall on your name. Chances are good that if I am walking through the mall, the supermarket, the train station, or the airport that I will see someone I know.

About two years ago, I was catching my connecting flight to North Carolina. My first flight landed with time to spare. With that extra ten minutes I strolled rather than scrambled to the departure gate for my connecting flight. I was even able to stop for a coffee and a sandwich to carry on to my next flight. Bonus!

As I sat and sipped my coffee, I thought about the blogging conference I would be attending. As I mulled over what sessions I would attend and who I would meet, I looked up for a moment. In that moment, I saw a blogging friend. She looked at me and I looked at her. Because how funny is to run in to someone in a crowded departure terminal even if the two of you are heading in the same direction? How crazy that we both had landed from our first flights at the same time and were on our way to get the same flight to our final destination? We chatted for about 15 minutes before the flight, then sat in different sections of the plane, but met up again on the taxi ride to the conference hotel.

Meeting someone you know in a busy location like an airport is a serendipity type moment. Unexpected, but absolutely wonderful. I’m excited to share with you a video…all about meeting in unexpected places. Connecting Flights is funny! Enjoy!


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