Consignments R Us

I recently entered’s That’s Ingenious Challenge. The challenge was to come up with an invention/solution to a sticky problem — this is not quite the wording, but that’s my interpretation anyway.

My answer:  I’m a consigner. I might even call myself a master at consigning! After 4 years, I know what to consign, I know how to make sure that my items are accepted for consignment, and I know how to resubmit an item so that it is taken.

Clothes: I check all clothes for stains, tears. I place outfits on the corresponding hanger from the store showing size of clothing item. I even match up a Gap item with a Gap hanger showing the correct size. It helps to be a packrat with everything including hangers.

When I send my items to consignment, I will place my best item next to a second best item followed by another best item. I have noticed that a so-so item will be taken if placed next to a fabulous item.

Toys: I match up all the pieces of a toy or game. I place all loose
pieces in ziploc bags.

I replace batteries in toys, so that the consignment owner knows that the toy works.

Do you have a idea that has saved you time or helped you “mom” better? Leave a comment here or enter the challenge over here.

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