Have you checked out from Nickelodeon? As a parent of a kid, a preteen, and a teen, I found lots to interest me. Message boards. Tips. Advice from other moms and dads. Expert advice.

To get the best out of, join the site. I joined and found 3 or 4 interesting conversations.

The site has a several Parenting Boot Camps: “30 Days of Summer Fun” with Abby Pecoriello and “30 Days of Summer Activities for Pre-Teens and Teens” with Julie Ross. Loved both. Found another one on keeping kids’s brain switched on over the summer with Dr. Christine Ricci. Yep, we need that one over here.

Me: Turn TV off.

Kids: But, Mommy, we’ve only watched TV for 4 hours.

Me: Open your workbook now!

The Boot Camps include ideas for planned days and activities that get the kids moving and outside during the summer, and some of them even play to the cheap fun of the summer as well. Here are the links for you to check them out:


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