7 Random Things as I Don’t Have Time for 25

So I was tagged by SassyMomma! It’s funny though when I received this tag, I was stewing about the “25 Random Things” on Facebook. You see I got tagged twice, wrote half the list, saved it, but alas I cannot find it in the Notes section. So, grrrrr.

So here are my 7 random things you might not know about me…

1. I’m English, but have lived most of my adult life in the U.S. I’m a proud American who will always be English!

2. I do not keep a clean household on a daily or even weekly basis, but when I get on a roll I really do a deep clean on whatever I touch. Too bad I don’t do this more regularly or my house would be spotless.

3. I must, must, repeat must have the mouse pad at the edge of the desk. I adjust the mouse pad constantly to achieve balance while I sit at the computer.

4. I had laser eye surgery yet cannot part with my old pairs of glasses. Why is this since some are from when I was a teen? Need to find a Lions Club box STAT.

5. Ditto for the dental impressions from when I had braces. I have a before and after set. My family has decided that this is creepy. I also have the number candles from the children’s birthday cakes…I’ll be ready when one of us turns 135! Tune in tomorrow for my Wordless Wednesday post for more on my collections.

6. I must check and recheck any locked door. I frequently drive back up my driveway to check that I have turned off the oven. Pre-OCD?

7. I’m loving blogging, posting, twittering, facebooking, but literally have not earned a dime. I really need to earn some money soon. Any leads?

Well those were my 7 random facts… Now the 7 random people I’m going to tag are…








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