Volleyball Tournament: Part 2

So, day #2 began much later than day #1. Sporty had to leave for her tournament at 12, which is much more civilized than 6 freaking 30 a.m. I followed 30 minutes later with Crafty and Adventure Boy. AB was not thrilled to leave his beloved wii and his recently acquired, soon to become beloved Lego Star Wars vehicle. I was a meanie and said he couldn’t take them with him. Realistically we would lose some part of the ship in transit — no question. Our van floor is so grimy that the missing piece might not be so easily apparent.

We dropped Crafty at her practice. I made an unfortunate stop at McDonald’s on the way to Sporty’s tournament. I was in a caffeine low and needed a Diet Coke. We arrived just as Sporty’s team was leaving the court after winning the match — I thought the match would last longer. Oh well, at least I got to see her line judge the next match, then play part of her second game. We left about 15 minutes in to go get Crafty from practice. Then we were back to the tournament where…you guessed it…we walked in just as her match ended. They lost but had some good moments.

I wanted to stay for the third game, but Adventure Boy had had enough. It is tough to sit in a chair quietly for hours. One hour was enough for him.

I insisted that he stay outside in the gorgeous weather. He had a great time helping me chip the snow off the driveway. It was funny to be chipping snow and ice in brilliant sunshine only wearing a coat. Good times.

All the while AB had a no-watching-TV-or-playing-wii-time, Crafty was using every electronic device she could get her hands on. He noticed the inequity, but she’s 13 and sometimes 13 yo do what they please.

I was supposed to do laundry and finally rearrange the storage room to make room for the disassembled Christmas tree, but strangely got caught up with e-mails and blogging. Darnedest thing how that happens…no wonder my house is a disaster.

Super Bowl?? Well we Tivo’d and watched the commercials that is. Let the kids stay up to watch the 3-D segment, which they thought was cool. I did not watch the half-time show or the second half. Not interested in the slightest bit.

On tap for tomorrow…laundry, volunteering at school, getting together with a friend to help her FB.

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