Pondering Life, the Universe, and Storage

Today was one of those days. Not especially good. Not horribly bad. Just a day like so many other days that I have been having lately. Still rearranging storage room. Still have Christmas decorations to take down. Still have inflatables boxed on porch ready to go to garage. Still avoiding cleaning and laundry. Still…

I’m home all day while kids are in school…why do I never have time to clean or say…pack away Xmas decorations?? I’ll tell you why it’s because of my new found hobby/obsession. I’m a full-time blogger, facebooker, twitterer, writer. Now I’m not earning any money as yet. In fact the longer I do this — I am month 3 — I start to wonder how it is that you actually earn money from blogging. I mean I have ads on the blog, I subscribe to blog networks, I participate in blog carnivals, I twitter, I write for several sites…so how is it that I haven’t earned a dime? I’m not sure. I want to hang in there and give it more time.

My son and husband were home sick. My husband is a “never takes sick leave”-type of guy, so I know he was actually sick. My son sounded awful this morning…croupy, gravelly, throaty cough. I did not take his temp., but just the sound of his cough alone I decided to keep him home from school. So off to the doctor we trooped. He did not cough once while we were there…looked the picture of health. Home he stayed for the rest of the day. He watched TV and rested. He looks fine. Did I overreact? Am I so concerned with not contaminating other kids with his germs? I’m not sure. I guess this mom is getting soft in her old age.

Funny moment today. My son watched TV once we returned from doctor. I made soup and cut pears for lunch. I told him to go get his dad. It was noon and I had left my husband undisturbed. During lunch my son was loving having both of us to himself…no noisy, talkative girls to deal with. I could see my husband’s eyes glaze over as our son regaled him with 5-year-old boy tales and jokes. I chuckled as my husband pondered how to escape back to bed. He took our son up for a nap. My husband selpt while Adventure Boy played. Funny.

Speaking of storage room. I actually tackled the boxes and rearranging just before leaving to get Crafty Daughter from History Day. I always start a project in earnest just before I have to leave. Self-defeating really.

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