Working from Home: Summer Vacation Edition

It was the best of times…it was the worst. That about sums up my summer. If you asked the kids about their summer vacation. One would exclaim that she loved sleeping til noon and learning how to drive. One would say that her swim season rocked. One would say that he got to spent time at the pool and at home with friends.

As for me, I would describe my summer vacation in one word…EXHAUSTING. And the summer was a whole lot better than the school year. During the school year my word of the moment would have been COMA. The summer was a breeze compared to the school year. But still tiring.

Every week had a different rhythm. The weeks in June and most of July were a blur of two different swim practices. Driving time. Play dates. And plenty o’ time to work for me. Why? Well, my husband — @dadknowsbetter — played the role of me. He cooked, made breakfast and lunches, drove kids from here to there, and even did laundry. What did I do? I hid in the basement that’s what.

And by hide I mean work. And by work I mean that I wrote and wrote and wrote. I actually had a chance to get caught up. I was astounded by the things I knocked off my to do list. I’d had things on that list for months with no hope of accomplishing them. I loved crossing off item after item.

And then the end of July hit. Everything came crashing to a holt. My volunteer gig got in high gear as I had to wrangle volunteers for back-to-back home meets. And do all the Mom and Working Mom stuff. No relief in site as Dad AKA Mr. mom was back at work. We got it done or rather everyone pulling together got it done. But while the end-of-the-swim-season was a hit, my work took a hit.

And then I had a day or two to get back in to the swing of work after swim season ended. Except that I had to do all the laundry that had accrued since swim season began. I kidded myself that each kid needed a swim suit, shorts, and t-shirts. But then there’s the issue of the frequent changing and the underwear and the question of “Is this garment that I found on the ground clean or not?” followed by ” Well if it is clean I’ll wear but I’m dubious about it so I’ll toss it on the already overflowing laundry pile.” Which leads to Mom or Dad staggering down to the basement with the stack of laundry or should I say stacks of laundry.

Suffice it to say that not much got done before I left for BlogHer 12.

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