Winners…Finally Picking More Winners!

I tweeted with a friend today about keeping track. She keeps track of when she does reviews. I NEED to keep track of when giveaways end. Most of the time I run the giveaway. Once the giveaway ends, I choose a winner. I make sure the winner receives his/her item. But then there are times when I lose track of a giveaway. I keep a list with start and finish dates. I have never not processed a giveaway, but I have had a few that took weeks to complete. So…

I vow to turn over a new leaf by processing giveaways in a more timely fashion. I keep track of giveaway end dates on my online calendar. I have an Excel spreadsheet with details about the giveaway. I may start using the spreadsheet to keep track of when the giveaways end.

I have winners…

Build-a-Bear Alvin ChipminkMariana

Relion Thermometer and Safety 1st Childproof Kit — Anara

Harlem Globetrotters Tickets — Sara

Rubbermaid Junk Drawer Organizer — Tami

Kodak Digital Frame — Jill L.

Need to pick winners for:

  • Pearl of Wisdom Cervical Cancer
  • Joanie Leeds CD City Kids
  • Pillsbury Sweet Rewards pack
  • Casio Men’s watch
  • Casio Women’s watch
  • Wanchai Ferry (ends 4/12)
  • MasterLock
  • Mattress Pad

Thank you to everyone who entered a giveaway or two! More to come!

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