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My children are not adventurous eaters. We live far enough away from a big metropolis that we are not able to expose the children to a variety of food types. Truth be told I am not an adventurous eater, either.

friends,Musingsfromme.com,Indian foodI have a few Indian dishes that I like. On our trip to England this summer, I met up with my friend from primary school at an Indian restaurant in Hammersmith, London. Before ordering I asked my friend what she recommended as a “safe” dish for me…she steered me towards a platter with a variety of Indian dishes…most were mild or medium.

Other nationalities of food are foods that I would try once and never have again. Ethiopian is one such food. I visited the Red Sea in Washington, D.C., many years ago with college friends. One friend loved Ethiopian food. She schooled us on what to and what not to order. I pondered the menu. Thought about one item. Settled on a safe choice. All our meals arrived arranged on a huge circular platter. The waiter did not tell us which entree was which. All looked runny, soupy, and either brown, yellow, or green. The one dish that was recognizable was the one with a hard-boiled egg floating in it. I ate my green soupy entree with heaping quantities of thick, doughy bread. The next day I could hardly move — I felt as though my stomach might explode with the bread I had eaten. I never returned. I stick to Mexican, Italian, and Chinese for my adventurous dining needs.

Chinese food is one of the foods that my children love. Our small town does have a Chinese takeout, but it is not in our family budget to eat out every night. Wanchai Ferry meals are available in the freezer section at Target. We tried Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken one evening between swim practice and volleyball practice. My family all commented that the Wanchai Ferry meal was delicious.

Last fall I was part of a blogger trip to General Mills’ facility in Minneapolis. While at General Mills, I had the chance to sample a few new products from General Mills. General Mills has created a product for on-the-go families — Wanchai Ferry. I don’t know about you, but when I am on the lookout for a go-to meal for my family, I want a meal that is tasty and nutritious. Wanchai Ferry is just what I need when I need to serve a meal to my hungry family.

Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken has all of the ingredients needed to prepare a great-tasting, complete Chinese meal for 2 in only 14 minutes! We used two bags of Wanchai Ferry for our family. With lightly battered chicken breast pieces that stay crispy when prepared and wholesome Asian-style vegetables, like tender broccoli florets, snappy julienne carrots and delicate baby corn, Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken will make you feel as though you’re enjoying a meal at your favorite Asian restaurant. It even comes with fluffy, tender Jasmine rice and a tangy orange glaze that adds the perfect touch of spicy heat.

Wanchai Ferry frozen entrées are also available in three other delicious varieties including Shrimp Lo Mein, Spicy Garlic Chicken and Sweet & Sour Chicken. Additionally, all of the entrées have no added MSG!

Would you like to try Wanchai Ferry meals? There’s a $1.50 off coupon available at https://www.wanchaiferry.com/. For meal tips to enhance the Wanchai Ferry frozen entrée check out their website at: https://www.wanchaiferry.com/MealTips.aspx.

Would you like to win a Wanchai Ferry “Perfect Night In” prize pack? The prize pack that includes one VIP coupon valid for a free package of any of the Wanchai Ferry frozen entrees, a set of great Asian-inspired rice bowls, chopsticks, bamboo placemats, flavored fortune cookies, and a $25 Target gift card. One comment = one entry. Enter now!

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I was provided with a product, information, prize pack, and giveaway from Wanchai Ferry through MyBlogSpark. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. The giveaway ends April 12 at 11:59 p.m.

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