Why I Want To Go To TypeAMom ’10

I missed my chance to enter a giveaway to win a ticket to #typeamom. Why? I have no idea. I probably opened the tab for the giveaway. Left the tab open until the computer crashed and then forgot about it. Grr. Hate when I do that.

My laptop doesn’t crash, but the 5-year-old desktop regularly crashes due to my need to have 43 windows open at all times. Hey, I’m a multitasker, what can I say.


Here’s what I was planning to write in my blog post for why I want to go to the TypeAMom Conference. Edited to add: I purchased my ticket after the deadline passed as I did not want to be left without a ticket!:

Why do I want to go to TypeAMom Conference in Asheville, NC, on September 24-26? Good questions with many and varied answers.

I am a TypeAMom. I may not be the most organized or the most efficient mom. I may not cook gourmet meals. I may have a gigantic laundry pile. I may misplace a permission slip from time to time. I am not the classic TypeAMom, but…

…in my own way I am a TypeAMom. My kids are well-rounded. I provide extracurricular activities to enrich their learning. I sign my kids up for sports, take them to practice, practice with them at home, and cheer for them on the sidelines. I commiserate when a kid gets a bad grade if effort was made. I figure out why a grade is low if there are effort issues. I consult with teachers. I provide a loving home for my kids.

…and I am a TypeAMom writer! I write about Preteens.

I would dearly love to go to TypeAMom ’10, but I am a little cash poor right now. Having a hard time justifying expenses. Trying to find more ways to earn money. The TypeAMom Conference was a highlight of 2009…and solidified that even if I don’t make much money, blogging/writing/product promoting/social media marketing is my one true love.

Brands? I would love to partner with your brand. Contact me if you would be interested in sponsoring me to the TypeAMom Conference — JillAnneBerry @ msn . com

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