TypeAMom Conference ’10…Tickets Are Selling Out Fast!


TypeAMom Conference is a small — 200 plus gathering of new bloggers, experienced bloggers, brands, and PR people At the time I attended TypeAMom last year I had never attended a blogging conference.

I was not entirely sure what attending a conference would mean to me. I write for TypeAMom, so I was excited to meet fellow writers. That was one plus, but what else? I had done a few product reviews at that point, so had a vague idea that I should talk to the brands that were exhibiting. But, what was there besides meeting brands and bloggers?

The sessions! I pored over the conference website to see what was of interest to me. Everything was of interest! The main sessions were for everyone, but the breakout sessions were the ones I had to make a decision about. If you know me in person or even online, you will know that I find it difficult to make decisions. I stood between two sessions at TypeAMom conference and willed myself to make a choice.

All of the sessions, I attended were so worthwhile and important to my growth as a blogger/writer/product promoter/social media marketer/whatever.

This year’s TypeAMom conference is sure to be a hit…with me. Yes! After much deliberation, I now have a ticket to the conference. Don’t have a hotel room or a transportation plan, but by golly I have a ticket for TypeAMom Conference — September 24-September 26, 2010!

If you are a new blogger or even if you have been blogging for a year or two or more, TypeAMom Conference has something for everyone. Interested in purchasing a ticket? Here’s my affiliate link for getting your own ticket.

What you need to know about TypeAMom conference:

Brands? I am looking for a sponsor for my trip to Asheville, NC, September 24-26 to the TypeAMom Conference ’10. Interested in finding out what I can do for your brand? Contact me at JillAnneBerry @ msn . com.

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