Why Do You Keep Coming Back to Read a Blog? Part 2

Gotta a mess? Get Goof Off!

Gotta a mess? Get Goof Off!

Yesterday I mused on  blogs and why we keep coming back to read ’em. Today, I have my very own Musings from Me’s List of Blogging Criteria or why do I come back for more.

Every time I click on a blog there is a reason why I stay to read and then come back later to check in on the author. Each blog I read has to have the following criteria:
Musings from Me’s List of  Blogging Criteria

1. Pleasing design, header, readable font — nothing worse than a scripty font that is hard-to-read or broken links. My blog recently went from blah to Bling! with a makeover from Mariana. Before I would look at my blogspot blog and think “meh…it’s O.K. but even I am bored with the way it looks.” Now I love reading/looking at my blog.   

2. A thorough About Me link — I want to know who is writing the blog, what the person does, children, pets, childish habits, pet peeves. Anything that will make the author stick in my mind. Note: I need a better About Me link. Mine should cover the fact that I was born and raised in England. Used to be a college DJ. Have the dental impressions from when I had braces. Must have the mousepad aligned with the edge of the desk or I freak out. You know only the important stuff about me.

3. A mix of posts about the author’s life and times with a sprinkling of giveaways, reviews, and “I saw this product and I think it might be of interest to someone.” I want to have a reason to come back to the blog for news about the author, not just the latest and greatest thing out there. Note to me: Blog more about our family goings on.

4. Recurring themes…for example, Trenches features the author’s baseball playing children as a central theme or TwoferMom where my IRL friend Janine blogs about her twins, as well as her interviews with celebrities.
All of this leads me to my own recently redesigned blog. While the blog has a spiffy makeover, the content could use some attention. First of all, I need to blog more. Some days I will post two to three times, but then go two days without posting.

Regular updates keep readers coming back for more glimpses in to the blogger’s life. Although I post regularly about my kids, at 13, 10, and 6 they are not cute and cuddly babies anymore. Some days I wish I was blogging about babies and toddlers instead of preteens and teens! I should do recap posts from the poop years and the spit-on shirt era…you know to remind me that I should be grateful that my kid, preteen, and teen are done with those phases.

What is your favorite subject to blog about? I like writing about my kids’ love for sports and activities.

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