When Will Their Feet Stop Growing?

100_2556As a child, I remember wondering if my feet would ever stop growing. I wore a British Size 7…which was a European Size 39…which was a U.S. size 9. My friends all had smaller feet. Add in my wide feet and my propensity to get blisters from whatever new shoes I put on my feet even sneakers or plimsolls in British speak and I was one unhappy camper when it came to buying and wearing shoes.

My daughters are shoe lovers. Both have had ONE blister EACH after walking in Disney for hours. Both fall in love with whatever shoe they see. But, both have feet that have not yet stopped growing. With school sneakers, snow boots, fashion boots, and volleyball shoes we are continually running to the shoe store.

Once at the shoe store, I shop in a Musings from Me way. Arrive…peruse…settle for 1 or 2 pairs of shoes I can tolerate…try on…dither…purchase…leave. My daughters love all shoes. I spend my time in the shoe store saying “No!” or “NO!” or “But, you already have a pair like that and why do you need another pair exactly the same?!” My daughters happily ignore my protestations as they try on shoe after shoe. Oh to be young and carefree. Both think they should be allowed to wear high heels to school on P.E. day…”But Mommy, I can change in to sneakers for P.E!” 

With kids’ shoes, I have found that once we find a shoe store that works for our kids we stick with it. Shopping for shoes_for_kids does not have to be stressful.

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