When the Cell Phone Is a Lifesaver: Verizon Palm Pre Plus

What is that expression? “The best laid plans may not always work.” Yeah, that’s the one.

Saturday’s plan seemed doable. I could foresee a problem or two, but I had a bunch of contingency plans. I was sure I could handle it. How could I have been so wrong?

teen,kid,volleyball,Verizon Palm Pre PlusSaturday was a tough schedule day for us. What could have been a lovely Saturday playing in the yard and relaxing, was anything but relaxing. You see Saturday the tween and teen BOTH had volleyball tournaments in two different counties.

My husband and I divided and conquered. I took the teen to the Discovery Center in Germantown, MD, a multiple use sports center and park area. My husband took the tween to Charles County, MD, a 2-hour drive from us. Two kids + two parents = doing two events works. But, I have a 6-year-old. He loves sports…when he is playing them. He is not so much a fan of watching sports.

After about 1 hour at the teen’s tournament…he was bored. My bag of games, coloring books, and toys was not exciting him. What to do?

cell phone,Verizon Palm Pre PlusBring out the Verizon Palm Pre Plus cellphone! I opened YouTube. Showed him how to type in “kid action movies.” He watched clips from the Transformers, Lego Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and many more. I knew that YouTube drains the battery of even a 3G smartphone, but my son was happy. As my son was happy, I was able to watch the teen’s volleyball team win their first game of the day. Woohoo! Verizon Palm Pre Plus saved my day!

I was given the Verizon Palm Pre Plus phone and one-month’s service as part of my review.

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