Great Day!

The greatness of today by the bullets…

  • After yesterday’s high of the teen’s volleyball team placing third AND the tween’s team winning the gold medal, we all slept soundly. In fact the tween was asleep almost before her head hit the pillow!
  • Today was Sunday School for all three. I persuaded my husband to drive and pickup the kids, which left me time to clean the bathroom. Not exciting, but…
  • After Sunday School, my FIL dropped off breakfast for today and dinner for tomorrow night. I am not so much a meal planner. :-p
  • All three kids played outside without much prodding from me. I heard the sweet sound of basketballs pounding, happy voices, and balls bouncing all coming from outside while I was INSIDE.
  • basketball,kids

  • While the kids played I tackled the master bedroom. Oh boy, what a mess. Where did I begin? The closet. Purged more clothes from the 90s. Rearranged top shelf of closet. Tackled, but did not finish the piles of “too small” clothing. Vacuumed areas not covered with piles of junk.
  • Moved on to conquer the messy linen closet. Purged too old sheets. Packed comforters away. Folded and refolded towels. Pondered how picky teen and tween are choosy even about which towels they each will use.
  • Laundry! On any given day I am doing something laundry related!
  • The boy was invited to a playdate at a neighbors.
  • Stop the presses! I walked the boy to the neighbors one street over. I ran a tiny bit, but I think I need as better support garment…if you get my drift…
  • While the boy was at the neighbors, the tween and Coach Dad watched their beloved Maryland Terps lose to Michigan State. I walked in to see a Michigan player lose his tooth…after Thursday’s tooth debacle I so did not need to see a tooth flying out of someone’s mouth!
  • Pizza became lunch/dinner. It was 4 p.m. when I realized (a) we never ate lunch and (b) I sent the kid to the neighbors without eating lunch. Oops.
  • Retrieved the boy before heading to J.C. Penney’s.
  • Shopping and me, do not go together like carrots and peas. And when was the last time all 5 of us shopped for clothing together, anyway??
  • Coach Dad and the boy with very little input from me. The tween and teen shopped without my guidance. Guess what? Everyone made great clothing choices. Relived to take myself out of the clothing conundrum.
  • Late dinner at Burger King followed by an even later dessert at Rita’s Italian Ice.
  • Home to bed for kids and work for me.
  • A good day!

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