When Is the Right Time?

When is the right time to start a family anyway? Should I buy a house now or in a year? A vacation? When is a good time to go? At one time or another we have all pondered these types of questions.

I am sure — like me — you have found that there is never a right time. Never a perfect moment.

In my life, I have taken leaps of faith.

As a high school student, I applied to colleges in the U.S. sight unseen. There was no internet back in the Dark Ages. Phone calls were exorbitant. I lived 3,000 miles away from the college…too far to go for an interview. I did not have a typewriter or a computer, so I handwrote all my applications. Did I mention it was the Dark Ages??

I based my college decision on a brochure…a brochure from each of the six colleges I was accepted at. You can bet that I had butterflies in my stomach that late August day when I moved in to my dorm room at Franklin & Marshall College. Thankfully, I made the right choice. I took a leap of faith and it worked for me.

My husband and I were fortunate to be able to buy a small townhouse before we got married. The house worked for us until we started accumulating stuff. Shopping at Costco for two people is a surefire way to grow out of your townhouse! Did you know that back in the Dark Ages Costco was called Price Club?

We took a leap of faith and purchased land upon which to build a house. Our friends thought we were crazy to buy a house so far away from civilization. Our kids each have their own bedroom.We are in a good school district. I am certain we will never move. Almost 16 years later we know we made the right decision.

The founders of SEED took a leap of faith to create their line of beauty products. The husband and wife team of Benjamin and Rebecca G. could have let someone else invent an all natural line of beauty products. The SEED product line was formed on the basis of one little seed — a grape seed.

The husband and wife SEED team took the tiny grape seed and built their product line around it. SEED products include body lotions, body bars, and shampoos. As a user of SEED products, I am so glad that entrepreneurs Rebecca and Benjamin took a leap of faith.

I wrote this post as part of a contest to win a scholarship to BlogHer ’10 hosted by SEED and Hip As I Wanna Be.

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