Rolling with It…

Yesterday started well. Cloudy but warm. Sunscreen was applied to be on the safe side.

Fun times at Gatorland. Highlights: Alligator wrestling…not alligator on alligator but alligator with a zoo keeper on top. My son sat on a gator…not a John Deere Gator, but a a real life gator…


When the zookeeper asked if a anyone wanted to ride on an alligator, my son said “YES!” I said “OoooKay.” he did it. Can’t believe it!

Wet, but happy Little Shamus at Sea World.

Wet, but happy Little Shamus at Sea World.

After Gatorland, we were driven to Sea World. We drove in to questionable weather. Our guide predicted that the weather would close Kraken and Manta — one mom and kid rode the Manta before the rain set in.

By early afternoon it was a full-blown thunder and lightning storm. At various points we took cover. But, we still saw two shows — Shamu and Big Horizons — and the kids got to feed the dolphins. A treat for me to watch!

More adventures today!

I was provided with a trip to Orlando by the Orlando Visitors’ and Convention Bureau. The opinions expressed are my own.

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