When I Am Not Here, Where Am I?

I often use the phrase in “my spare time.” This phrase makes me laugh. Spare time? With my writing and social media work, I tend to spend large chunks of time on the computer. Is this work time? A hobby? Spare time? Since some of the work I do is unpaid and some paid, the line between work, family, and “spare” time gets blurred.

If I am checking e-mail, tweeting about a giveaway, registering a child for a summer camp, and writing a post for one of my sites — how do I log in my time? Work time or Spare time? Blurry, to be sure.

When off the computer I spend time with my family — I try to unplug as much as possible. You’ll notice I rarely tweet from family outings and gatherings.

So, what do I do in my spare…uh…work time?

When not blogging here, I manage 4 twitter accounts and 3 Facebook pages — me, my blog, and my blog’s fan page.

I use @MusingsfromMe and @KidPreteenTeen to promote my online persona, reviews, giveaways, and writing (TypeAMom, theDCLadies, Oyster Locals Blog, and Savvy Source DC).

I use @DCCityMommy as a tool for increasing the membership to DC.CityMommy.com — a mom message board/forum I lead. Are you a DC – MD – VA Mommy? Come join me at DC CityMommy!

@BaltimoreTweens is the handle I use for promoting my Baltimore writings. I write for the Baltimore Examiner on parenting tweens. Are you subscribed to my Examiner page?

I am one of the moderators for the MomSpark Forum. I tweet links to interesting topics on the MomSpark Forum. I engage commenters in conversations within the Forum. heading to #BlogHer? MomSpark has an informative Forum devoted to All Things BlogHer All the Time.

As a review blogger, I keep track of a large number of reviews and giveaways at any given time. I write for my blog and 5 other sites. Several of the sites require weekly posting, others biweekly, and others monthly. I keep track of all my deadlines on my Cozi.com calendar.

Off line? I volunteer at my children’s schools and church on a regular basis. I have worked check-in desks. For two years, I compiled and managed a program listing auction items for a church fundraiser. I was responsible for contacting all advertisers about ad placement.

I manage a group for one of the school PTAs, where I collect, collate, and notify children who have completed a summer workbook for an in-school reading program. I compile my data in Excel.

In my social media consulting business, I work with clients to raise their social media profile. Are you a brand? I would love to work with you before, during, and after #BlogHer. Let’s connect! Jill Anne Berry @ msn . com

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