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If you follow me on Twitter, you know I tweet about Yoursphere. Yoursphere has everything a kid…and a parent could need. What is new on Yoursphere for kids? Adults: You can click on the links below to see the pages, BUT the pages do not link back to Yoursphere as Yoursphere.com is for kids only. The pages are for viewing purposes only…no one can interact with the kids who are members of Yoursphere…except other kids who are members of Yoursphere.

So, what is new on Yoursphere?

Celebrity Spheres!

  • Kids join like this one by Animal Planet’s Victoria Stilwell on all things dogs.
  • Or join this one by Wild Recon’s Donald Schulz.
  • For the fashionistas in your family…there’s sphere just for them!
  • As always, kids earn free gems to get gifts, enter contests that are easy to win, and earn credits to shop in the gift gallery.
  • Also, there are a ton of games for kids to play…my son LOVES the one about zombies and vegetables!


  • New riddle contest for Gold members. Yoursphere is ALWAYS free. Kids can upgrade to Gold anytime for only $2.50/month…that’s $19.95 annually. There’s a contest going on to win a family 4-pack of tickets to an amusement park near you!
  • New contests announced every month!

What Mom and Dad need to know about Yoursphere.com…

  • Yoursphere founder and mom of 5, Mary Kay Hoal has a blog…not just any old blog. Mary Kay’s blog is chockful of tips and news and advice on keeping kids safe on the internet. Mary Kay writes not only about Yoursphere, the free social network she created for kids and tweens, but also writes about…three ways kids can becomes good digital citizens…and what is the number concern for kids AND their parents about internet safety?
  • No adult profiles because Yoursphere is just for kids.
  • There is security through technology and human oversight on Yoursphere. — This is a huge plus in my book. I want to know that the site that my child plays on is monitored by an actual person, not a bot.
  • Kids do not need to pretend to be 13 to be a member — on Yoursphere can be themselves.
  • Kids not asked to provide information that puts their privacy at risk like other sites do. For example no request such as middle name, last name, IM, email, cell phone number, exact physical location, school, etc. — It’s a good idea to talk to your children often about the need to be supercautious about divulging information on the internet.  You’ll find tips for teaching your child how to be safe on @MaryKayHoal‘s blog.
  • Children taught importance of being kind to others online. — As any parent of a kid, tween, or teen knows, cyberbullying is a huge issue for schools and parents. Yoursphere rewards kids for being good digital citizens.

Why not check out all that Yoursphere has to offer parents and kids?

When you sign your child up for a membership, don’t forget to use my code… YSMA-JILL …when you register. Yoursphere is FREE to join…so no worries about membership fees. Oh, and after you sign up for a free account for your child, come back to this blog to leave a comment. I’ll choose a winner every couple of weeks for a super cool Yoursphere Mom t-shirt!

So the basics on Yoursphere…

Sign up for Yoursphere is FREE. Use my code when you sign up — YSMA-JILL. Post a comment on this blog that your child is signed up…I will choose a winner every few weeks for a Yoursphere Mom t-shirt!

Internet Safety Tips for Moms and Dads…read the blog postings of the founder of Yoursphere. Subscribe to Mary Kay Hoal’s Blog.

Yoursphere is free for all kids. Kids can upgrade to a Gold Membership on Yoursphere for more credits and gems, exclusive contests, and scholarship opps. And it’s only $4.95 per month!

Moms and dads can connect with Yoursphere on twitter. And with Yoursphere’s founder @MaryKayHoal for timely and relevant social networking safety tips for your kids and tweens. Yoursphere is on Facebook, too.

Oh, and you can follow me as I tweet about online safety for kids and tweens at @YoursphereMom.

I am a Mom Ambassador for Yoursphere. I was compensated to write this post. The views expressed in this post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog with Integrity.

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