A Roundup of Musings from Me: Week of September 30, 2012September 30, 2012

So how are you this fine Sunday night? Me? I’m tired…exhausted even. My son  and I had a Scouts camping trip. I know! I am shocked as you are. I’m not outdoorsy. I last took a hike…well, let’s just say my last hike was a lomg time ago. We are a two speed family. Fast — racing from point A to point B — on the go — crazy, crazy, busy. Or slow…dead slow…practically stopped. That’s us…either racing from sport event to school event to family event OR hanging around at home. Two speeds.

This weekend was a third speed. A new one for me. Not so new for my son as he is all-go-all-the-time. So this weekend in the space of 24 hours we did the following:

  • Drove to Harpers Ferry KOA.
  • Pitched a tent — with LOTS of help.
  • Swam — The boy.
  • Moonbounced, twice — The boy.
  • Made two fires — The boy.
  • Cooked dinner — The boy.
  • Washed dishes — The boy.
  • Played flashlight tag — The boy.
  • Made new friends, reconnected wth old friends — The boy.

A great weekend was had by the boy…and I even had fun too. Of course, sleeping on the ground in a tent with rain beating down on the tent was…interesting. An experience.

In other news…

  • I have 4 giveaways that ended last week. Winners should be getting emails very soon!!
  • I was mentioned in a blog post on braces then and now. Thanks Jennifer!
  • I have a few more giveaways to post. Look for them soon!


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