What Works For Me Wednesday

As if WordLESS and WordFUL Wednesday weren’t enough, I present to you: What Works for Me Wednesday over at https://rocksinmydryer.typepad.com/shannon/

Systems, resolutions, Fly Lady, cleaning, re-organization, Git r done — all of these terms mean something to me. Here’s the problem…I’m not a Domestic Goddess. I currently have one bathroom sink caked in toothpaste…it is even on the wall. The other two bathrooms are waiting for a coat of paint to cover huge, unsightly spackled areas…nice. My kitchen floor was never as messy as it is now when I had babies who were crawling. My duct-taped vacuum cleaner only works when I use the hose attachment. Dyson — if ever there was a time when I need you this would be the time. I have 12 shirts that need to be ironed. I think I have washing in the washer that will need to be rewashed, because ewww who wants rank clothing.

So, what is the point of this post you ask… What Works for Me is that I get motivated to clean when we have a special event at our house. This means my house is tidy in January, April, August, and December. Not surprisingly that would mean the birthday months of Crafty Daughter, Adventure Boy, and Sporty Daughter, and Christmas. So, here I sit on January 7 with the knowledge that by Saturday I have to have every Christmas decoration off the tree, the tree disassembled, the inflatables deflated, the Christmas village demolished, and the stockings stowed.

On Saturday Christmas Central needs to become Spa No. 13 for my daughter’s 13th birthday.

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