What Is It About Facebook, Anyway?

I am late entrant to the Facebook world. Had heard about it. Did not want to join. Joined Friends reunited instead…so that I could get reacquainted with friends. Soon discovered that Friends required a monthly fee. Realized I did not need to get together with friends that badly.

Towards the end of the summer a friend invited me to join. Now the friend in question…I don’t her well, but she is a cautious person. I thought if she is a member then I should join. I found 4 or 5 people-we-have-in-common through her page. I set my page.

I appear on Facebook using my real name as I want to be able to connect with college or high school friends. I have chosen not to link my twitter account or this blog to my Facebook page. I am not ready to let my family/friends in on who I am online. O.K., O.K., so let us be realistic, I am not really reporting anything earth shattering on this blog. I am not that controversial. What I do post is trivial anecdotes from my life without any names or identifying places. Or, questions which I ponder from time to time. Or, really just a grab bag of stuff. But, this is my space and I like to be able to vent or gloat or brag about my kids in an anonymous context. Some of my family and friends know about this page, but not the exact url.

This weekend I introduced my “I don’t like the friends I have” husband and my “computers make me nervous” dad to Facebook. Worlds colliding, worlds colliding. My husband was curious about this crazy world of FB. My dad…well, really I set up the Facebook page for my “even less computer literate” mom. She will get a kick out of reconnecting with long-lost friends and be able to see photos of my English cousins.

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