What Do You Do When Your 5-Year-Old Says Sh@#

So, we were at the PT place…my oldest has tight Achilles tendons. We go twice a week. It is a drag to have to bring all 3 kids, but the appointment is only 30 minutes and we never have to wait. Each time we go I bring something different…the Leapster, books, crayons, etc. My middle daughter is fine with her ipod or DS…I don’t worry about her. My son could care less about the Leapster, he just wants his toy cars. Now the majority of the clientele are in their 60s. Some have walkers; some walk with a limp or with a cane. He likes to race cars on the floor. No one wants to step on one of my son’s cars. Never mind that the carpet is icky. So, each time we go my son and I have the same conversation about what toys to bring and what he cannot bring, the same hard time getting him out of the van, and the same whining once we are inside the office.

Today was no different. I insisted that we read a book…a Stage 1 reader Just Keep Swimming based on Finding Nemo. He knows many sight words and sounds out words quite well. However, he is hesistant about reading a sentence and certainly has not read a book by himself yet. But, we are getting there with baby steps. Well–I know it has taken me some time to get here, but we came to the word “she.” He sounded it out and tried a few variations. He looked puzzled, then had a look of recognition come over his face, and blurted out “sh@#!” What can you do? I quickly told him “no, no, it’s she,” looked around to see if anyone noticed…none of the elderly folk looked disgusted so we were in the clear.

We’ll be back to PT on Thursday…wish me luck!

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