I Have New Found Respect for Single Moms

I always wondered what life is like for single moms. Well, the last couple of days have shown that I had no idea what a strain it is to be the 24/7 full-time Mom/Dad to your children.

My parents offered to take us to the Skyline Drive/Shenandoah National Park, VA. Well, my husband was working so we had to go without him. I cannot pass up a free trip anywhere. My dad was “paying” us back for work that my husband has helped him with.

My son was at his absolute worst in the car. O.K. the Skyline Drive is over 75 miles long. We drove 2 hours to get there and then were in the car a futher 4 hours or so driving different sights and scenic overlooks. Let’s just say that by the drive home I had instituted a “no-singing in the car” policy for him. Also, added on a “no saying the same thing over and over again.” I was probably more bothered by his loudness as my parents were in the car with us. I did not worry about my mtoher as she wears hearing aids. My dad on the other hand likes to snooze for long stretches and does not like loud noises.

To make matters worse my mother is sensitive to heat, so we had the windows up and the AC on…all.the.time. I insisted on opening the windows so that we could at least hear the rustle of leaves and trees. Because we were on the Skyline Drive…possibly the most picturesque drive in our area. With the AC, the car was icy all the time. The only plus…I did not want to fall asleep at the wheel…it was far too cold in the car.

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