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When I was little, my family would visit my grandmother every summer at her home in a suburb of Manchester in England. My family was English, too, but we had been living in New Jersey for a few years. My visits to England were eye-opening to me as the English way of life was so different to the American way of life.

The most striking difference was shopping. At our home in Edison, New Jersey, if we needed milk we stopped at a supermarket. If I needed shoes, we shopped at the mall. My mother shopped once a week. My grandmother on the other hand shopped EVERYDAY.

Everyday she donned her coat and fur hat. She carried her leather shopping bag with her as she walked to the row of shops across the street from her house.  Most of her neighbors did not have cars. There were larger department stores in her town, but these stores were a bus ride away. My grandmother preferred to shop at the corner shops.

There were 5 stores: a butcher, a green grocer (fresh produce), a bakery/cake shop, a newsagents (a cross between a tiny 7-11 and a candy store), and a clothing store. She bought her lunch and dinner plus a magazine or candies for us everyday. She chatted to the shopkeepers everyday. They knew all about my grandmother’s “American” grandchildren.

OpenSky is a new concept in online shopping. Gone are the impersonal shopping websites listing everything but the kitchen sink. You can say goodbye to vague or pointless reviews that are not helpful. I have opened an OpenSky shop to let you know about the products that my family and I love.

In my OpenSky shop, I have listed only those items that I have used, my children have played with, or my family have experienced. If I haven’t held the item in my hand…I will not be selling it in my store.

Welcome to the Musings from Me’s OpenSky shop! Stop by!

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