Blockbuster Express Kiosks Make for a Cheap Family Movie Night

Aaarrrgggg!! I wrote a post about our Top 5 Movies for Cheap Family Movie Night. It was a good list, too! Cut the list to move it to another post and promptly copied something else without realizing that I never posted the list to a new blog entry. So now the link is lost. I won’t rewrite the list in its entirety, but here is the list with some of the details.

Musings from Me Family’s Top 5 Movies for a Cheap Family Movie Night

1. Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

My younger two watched this at the movies with Coach Dad while the teen and I hit the Walmart after Christmas sales. Just watched it this weekend. It’s a funny movie with a cut storyline about the Chipmunks entering high school to have a “normal” childhood. Oh and there is a new girl group of Chipmunks.

2. Blind Side

This movie made me cry. Note: I am English and I DON’T cry at movie. I did not realize that this was a true story. Michael Oher is a local guy to me…he plays for the Baltimore Ravens. His relationship with the Touhys saved him from a life of drifting from home to home. The Touhys took him in.

3. Fantastic Mr. Fox

Our family did not know what to expect from this movie. My tween thought it might be scary and dark. The teen was intrigued by it. I wanted to see how the puppets looked. The filming technique is a departure from the CGI used in many kids animated movies. The detail on these puppets is amazing…little bristly eye brows, tweed jackets, tiny capes. If you love Wallace & Gromit, you will love Fantastic Mr. Fox. I had a chance to talk to Jason Schwartzman…he plays George Clooney’s son.

4. Planet 51

My kids loved it. I never saw it, but I like the idea of an astronaut landing on a planet with a thriving population of aliens. The astronaut is the alien on this planet.

5. 2012

My teen is at an age where she wants to watch PG13 and R movies. We give her some latitude, but often say no. 2012 was a so-so movie to me. My teen loved it. As much as I love anything that John Cusack is in…2012 was just another disaster, the world will end unless we find a box/detonator/cure for a disease/person carrying the secret code.

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