Weight Watchers

I posted this over at https://www.ourblubheroverhaul.blogspot.com/

Here’s my problem in a nutshell…

I had a doctor’s appointment for a laundry list of complaints. Honestly, at one point the doctor said I would need to make another appointment to discuss all my issues. I think she might have done the “Time Out” hand signal. It was like I was on twitter and firing off all these questions at break-neck speed…not waiting for answers…just wanted to get everything out there. So, I have an upper respiratory infection and a possible UTI. Not so good. But the good news…

I lost 10 pounds since I last went to the doctor in the summer. I. Had. No. Idea. How could I not notice that I had lost 10 pounds? At least 3 friends have commented on my weightloss. I brushed their compliments off. Well, now I know.

Here’s the problem part. I left the doctor’s office and went straight to the McDonald’s drive through and ordered a celebratory 5-piece Chicken Select meal with of course a Diet Coke.

And I wonder why I can’t lose any more weight.

Stay tuned for more questionable decisions about food.

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