Observations from the Pool Deck…Swim Team

It would seem that on the pool deck or at a sports game, my husband is the one who gets to get all snippy with me about whatever it is that he had planned that I did not do the right way. Such as giving the kids a juice bag. In my defense I gave each a bottle of water, but apparently juice gives them a sugar boost while water does not. Well, excuse me! So on the soccer field Coach Dad is the boss of snippiness’s while at home I am the one who embraces the snippiness.

I really “don’t get” sports yet have all these athletic children. According to Coach “snippy” Dad athletic persons are never wished “good luck” before a game or a swim meet since luck is not needed if you are trying hard. So many things to remember.

Which leads me to why oh why did my children not drink the juice bags that were in the cooler. Both certainly found the Little Bites and chips, but the juice bags not so much.

I was planning to sit with them, but the pool deck is cramped and the coach wanted parents on one side and kids on the other with their coaches. So, I sat on my side of the pool. It certainly looked as though the kids were drinking AND eating, but apparently not.

I thought I was going along to be helpful…apparently not. Next time I will stay at home to snooze zzzzzzzzzz

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