Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers…just writing it down makes me cringe. I’m four for zero for joining WW. Joined in the 80s, 90s, and I *think* 2000. At my best I lost 10 pounds. At my worst I went for weeks without losing a single pound. Frustrating.

The final time — I suffered through interminable meetings where people debated the relative exchange values of gelatin used to preserve jam. I tell you the meetings were depressing to me as I looked at people who seemed to view the meetings as a chance to air their grievances. WW is not therapy — it should be a cooperative setting for moving toward permanent weight loss. These meetings were anything but. The final insult was the bleached blond 30-something who accused me of not drinking enough water after another week of no weight loss at the weight check-in station. That was it. My patience with all things WW was finally finished.
I have not been back. Should I give it another go? It would help as I am now working out twice a week at a health club. So, I have a handle on the exercise part, but I am failing miserably at portion control and curtailing evening snacking. Should I let a bad experience stop me from joining Weight Watchers again? I’ll keep you posted on whether I join Weight Watchers.

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