Fashion Diva

Summer garden party?

Going to a stylish restaurant?

Getting down?

School clothes?
With my 10-year-old…you just never know what she will come out of her bedroom wearing. Stripes and plaid. Paisley and fluorescent. Everyday is a mystery…except mismatch day at school where actually she matched, except for a pair of mismatched shoes and socks!
In the photo shoot above her sister chose her outfits, choreographed her routine, and photographed their fashion show. My 13-year-old daughter was not leaving anything to chance — she had a vision of what the 10-year-old would wear and by golly she was going to wear it.

My 10-year-old is not as rigid with her clothing choices as her 13-year-old sister. To the teen there are certain stores in the mall that she must go to — no matter what. To the preteen she is just happy with clothing that she likes. Period.

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