WalMart After Christmas Sales Rock

I may not be a WalMart 11 Mom, but I do know a thing or two about Walmart. For the last 4 Christmases I have shopped the WalMart after holidays sale. I went on a whim and was astounded at the bargains. Here are some of my bargains:

  • 10 Cars watches for $2.50 each
  • 10 John Deere tins for $1
  • 5 cut glass bowls for $5 each — I filled with miniChristmas ornaments and gave as gifts
  • 10 Xmas tablecloths — 25 cents each
  • Xmas inflatable $20 regularly $90
  • Xmas gift bags 50 cents
  • coffee mugs and coffee sets $2.50 each
  • kid’s bath soap kits 50 cents each

You would be amazed at what is at WalMart. The trick is to go December 27th or later. You may not have the selection but the prices are generally reduced. I once shopped with my daughter and left with 40 votive candles — Yay me! I’m not sure that she was an enthusiastic as I was.

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