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Before our oldest was born, my husband and I spent many hours looking at nursery furnishings. We had moved in to our new home 1.5 years before our daughter was born. We knew we would use one of the spare bedrooms as her room.

The decision on what room to use was the easiest. Not so easy was how to decorate. Builder’s grade off white paint is perfectly acceptable for adults, but a child’s room needs a little splash of color.

My son loved Toy Story 3. He’s a little young to have gone through a Toy Story phase when the second film came out. He’s now a Buzz Lightyear guy.

He’s 7 and has strong opinions about what goes on his wall. When I received the Wallable of Buzz Lightyear for review, I knew just which of my children would love. When a Buzz Lightyear wings his way in to our house there are advantages to being the only boy in the family. All review toys for boys are his.

A Wallable is a 3D wall applique. The Buzz Lightyear Wallable looks as though he is launching himself to infinity and beyond. The whites and greens on the Buzz Wallable are crisp. Buzz’s spacesuit is true to the film as far as detailing and color go.

My son pealed the Wallable off the cardboard backing used for packing. Once peeled off Buzz was ready for action. I peeled the backing off the top part of a two-part Velcro disc on the back of Buzz Lightyear. My son stuck the disc to the wall. I checked to see that I could peel the disc off the wall. As the packaging stated, you can remove and reapply the Velcro disc without leaving a mark on the wall. After spending days painting my son’s room…actually my dad painted his room, but I still do not want to leave marks on the wall.

Once the top part of the Velcro disk was applied to the wall, my son stuck Buzz to the wall by matching up the disk on the back of the Buzz Lightyear Wallable to the Velcro disc on the wall. Houston, we have connection!

Buzz is positioned in such a way that he looks ready to spring in to action. To infinity and beyond. My son liked taking the Buzz Wallable off the wall to go on adventures. Creative and pretend play is essential for kids of all ages.

Wallable wall decorations can be purchased online or at the following retailers: Toys R Us. If you want to see what Wallables look like, check out your local Toys R Us.

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