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As a young kid my parents covered my health insurance. In England, we used National Health Service doctors. No copays. No fees. All free health care. Of course, if you required a specialist the wait time could be lengthy. A cousin of mine waited 1 year for tear duct surgery. Madness. In the U.S., our family was covered by my dad’s job. Orthodontic and glasses were not covered. I had to wait until I was back in England to get glasses, which were free…ugly, but free.

As a college student, I was covered by the health fee paid to the college. I could go as many times as I wanted to the College Infirmary to get my hypochrondriac and lack-of-sleep-induced needs meet. I would skip out of the infirmary with my little cardboard box of orange pills. What were those pills anyway?

After graduation from college, I landed my first job with a salary so low I COULD have qualified for food stamps. I lived at home due to my paltry paycheck. But, the job came with benefits. I visited my first gynecologist while at this job.

As a SAHM, my husband’s job covers all of us. Over the years we have had a myriad of health diagnoses, rush-to-the-doctor visits, well-checks, and 2 ER visits. All visits are covered by insurance, minus our co-pay. I am very grateful for health insurance.

I shudder to think of how we would manage without health insurance. Some are un-insurable due to a lack of job. Others can’t get insurance due to a pre-existing condition. Still more do have a job, but don’t work enough hours to get insurance.

As a favor to me, would you take a moment and vote for Brandy a young mom without health insurance with some serious health problems? Thank you! If you post about your health concerns on your blog, leave a comment on MomRising.

Have you heard of I had not, but found out that it is an organization championing women’s causes to change the world. Join here.

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