Verizon Palm Pre Plus: Rural Moms Need To Be Connected

Though I am not technically a rural mom, I am certainly not a city mom…that is for sure. When I travel to D.C. or Baltimore, it is as though the Country Mouse is coming to the big city. Everything is bright and shiny! But I don’t live in suburbia either.

Here’s where I live…no, I am not going to tell you my exact street address or town name. But, I do want to explain why I need to be connected.

  • I am not in walking distance of anywhere.
  • There are no buses in my community.
  • I am 15 minutes from a WalMart.
  • I am 4o minutes from a mall.
  • There are 3 families who are walkers to elementary school. All other children take school buses.
  • I am 10 minutes from a gas stati0n.
  • My town has 5 restaurants: Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Chinese takeout, fried chicken place, and a BBQ restaurant in a gas station.

cell phone,Verizon Palm Pre PlusI do not know how I would survive without a cell phone. I am testing a Verizon Palm Pre Plus. This phone helps me to stay connected to EVERYONE:

  • If my power goes out I have a cell phone. All our home phones are cordless.
  • If my car breaks down I have a cell phone.
  • My husband is extremely hard to reach during the day. I can text him and he can text me back without needing to place a call to him. Texts go through when calls do not.
  • When my daughter turned 11, she got a cell phone. At the time it seemed frivolous. I need to be able to reach her if she is at volleyball practice or at a friend’s house or at the mall.
  • My middle daughter also has a phone. She texts her friends. Occasionally I leave her somewhere that I would need to connect with her by cell phone. She uses her phone more as a toy…to change her ringtones, take photos. But, at least I know that if she was at a friend’s house, she could call me if she needed to.
  • My son at some point will get a cell phone.

We are a family who need to connect with each other. I love having the Palm Pre Plus in my pocket at the health club. If necessary, I can call home to ask my husband to start dinner. After a long day on the road driving kids from volleyball to swimming to karate, I can use the phone to check e-mail or @whrrl a story.

Simply put the Verizon Palm Pre Plus helps me stay connected to home and family.

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