How Could I Be on a Top 50 List and Not Know???

My inbox might be too blame. The fact that I don’t read many blogs might have something to do with it as well. What about the fact that I live on twitter, but click on links and then forget I clicked on them. For a blogger, I am hopeless.

Why am I hopeless you ask? Well, how many bloggers would be on a Top 50 list and not know it. I mean wouldn’t anyone else know the minute the post was released? Google alerts? Anyone? Wouldn’t most bloggers read a Top 50 list out of interest…even if the chances of being on the list were slim to none. I would imagine that most would. But, not this blogger it would seem!

So how did I finally find out I made a Top 50 list? You must have heard about the debacle surrounding the NY Times article on mommy bloggers? The author of the article was a guest(?)/participant(?) at the Baltimore Bloggy Boot Camp sponsored by Tiffany and Heather of SITS. Her take on the boot camp was not flattering. I was at the boot camp. Many bloggers have written posts on their opinions on the NY Times piece including Mom 101.

I clicked on Mom 101’s piece, agreed with what she said. Saw that the author of the NY Times piece was part of Liz’s list of Top 50 lesser known bloggers. I love a good Top 10/25/50 list, so I clicked over. The list was varied and ranged from brand new bloggers who have incomplete blog pages to up-and-comers to established bloggers who tend to get overlooked when the big lists come out. I scrolled down the list reading and commiting to memory the urls and the stories behind each of Liz’s choices.

I read through the 20s, 30s, and reached the 40s when what should I see, but me! I am at No. 44! Yes, that would be me…little old me. I am so proud to be included on such a list. I only wish I had know about it sooner. It is truly an honor! Thanks, Liz!!

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