TypeAMom Is a Go! #typeamom

This time last year I was a bumbling, dithering, wishy washy mess. I had a ticket to TypeAMom. I had recently started writing for TypeAMom on Preteens. After hearing about the conference I very much wanted to go. At the time the cost of airfare and hotel seemed insurmountable. Could I even think of going? I was skeptical. I never researched airline tickets. I didn’t want to get my hopes up. And then there was childcare. How would I manage to be away from home with the kids in school and activities.

Two weeks before the TypeAMom Conference 09, I tweeted with my friend Janine. She was going to the conference with her friend, Linda. After a couple of tweets to and from her, I knew I had to go. I had to make the trip work. Period.

  • Janine and I agreed to drive together…transportation…check. I hadn’t considered driving, but Janine was game.
  • Janine found Holly. Holly was willing to drive too. Transportation… double check!
  • Janine offered to let me room with her and Linda. Hotel…check. Linda wasn’t able to go due to an injury. Good news…she’s going this year!
  • Childcare became a non issue once my husband agreed to go in to work late on two days. He handles the evening kid events many nights. I left frozen dinners. I prepacked lunches. Did everything I could to keep the home fires burning while I attended the TypeAMom Conference.

This year it is a different story. I purchased an early bird ticket. Found a friend who needed a roommate. Booked my flights a few minutes ago. I’m all set. Bring on #TypeAMom!

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